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An in-person intimate practical workshop that will give you the foundations to thinking,
writing and communicating like a copywriter.

Brisbane Location: Newstead Studios, Brisbane
Sydney Location: TBC

Copywriting isn’t what it used to be.

Just a decade ago, you might have seen some compelling copy in print, on a billboard or on a TV ad that made you think or act. Now, the ability to talk directly to consumers isn’t only for the big gun advertisers - but anyone.

Today’s content is omnipresent, all-consuming and completely in our hands. The problem? Most people don’t know what to say.

We want to change that.

Attend our workshop to learn how to write well for your business, talk about what you do better and sell yourself to new leads.


Dynamise your business in this half-day brainstorm with the content powerhouses behind Wordfetti. Uncover your unique brand story, learn how to speak to your target audience and make tidal waves with your copy… even if you think you “don’t know how to write.”

Which of those intros sounds more compelling? Now that’s the power of impactful copy.

After attending this workshop, you’ll be able to write great copy in your business that will endure and set you apart from your competitors. As a new or small business, it’s crucial to nail your branding and tone-of-voice as soon as possible, as it can directly impact sales, conversions and your ability to influence people around you.

You’re going to create the foundations that’ll have a major impact on your business, both now and in the future.

This stuff is the skeleton of your business. Without it, all of the work that you do is only skin deep (...literally).

This workshop is for you, if:

  • You are a new, emerging or existing brand that wants to learn how to think and write like a copywriter;

  • You work for a corporate organisation or brand and are interested in how to write great copy that sticks and converts;

  • You do not know your brand’s values, elevator pitch, tone of voice or target audience(s);

  • You want tailored, one-on-one help with the brains behind Wordfetti to help guide you to nailing the above (oh yeah, we do our research on you before you arrive);

  • You want to understand how to apply behavioural psychology concepts to your copywriting;

  • You want to walk away with some business-boosting, Google-loving and audience-delighting content ideas you can implement straightaway;

  • You are after an intimate, fun and practical copywriting workshop full of never-before-shared secrets;

  • You want to have a really great day and make some fantastic new connections with other amazing like-minded business owners.

“I was lucky enough to do a workshop with the Wordfetti ladies in November 2018. I have a start up business and as much as I would love to engage Wordfetti to write my copy for my website I don't have the budget for that just yet. I learnt SO much and when I was writing copy for my website for once I was proud of what I have just written as I am not a person who is good with putting pen to paper. So i just wanted to say a HUGE, MASSIVE, GINORMOUS THANK YOU to you both for making such a big impact on my little business and for helping me gain more confidence in what I am doing in this start up phase! I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from you both!”

- Rhiannon, Founder at Platter to Plate

 Headshots Brisbane

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop! I have been to a few workshops in the past and always find them a bit basic.

I found this workshop practical and loved the deep dive to each person's business on brand values. For me personally, this was a great introduction to learn about content and copywriting. I can definitely start to implement this for my business. Walking away with this knowledge/tool kit I can apply to my client's work.”

- Davina, Digital Marketing Specialist at davinaclee.co

“Loved it! I didn't expect it to be so practical.

It was so helpful to have you both walking around making each lesson tailed to each of us.

I loved the case studies. I was honestly pretty blown away. I've been to a lot of workshops lately and walked away pretty disappointed. This was at the right level for my business and a great reminder of things I need to action.”

- Stephanie, Founder of St. Clement Creative

“I was so excited when I saw that Wordfetti were holding a workshop - that I flew up from Melbourne for it!

As a new business owner who wanted to seriously up my copy game, this was the perfect workshop for me. I came away with several tangible tips to apply in my business, and I loved learning about the consumer psychology side of copywriting.

Not only that, it was really inspiring to be in a room with so many like minded people! Anita is a copy genius and made sure she spoke to every person in the room - honestly, the price was a steal when I think about the value I got from it.”

- Samantha, Founder of Lady Ladder 

“I just loved the copyWRITE workshop + I am still getting value from it weeks after. I came out of it with a renewed understanding of why articulating my brand values through my copy is so incredibly important for my business + I now feel so much more confident in being able to articulate them in a way that is purposeful, unique + engaging. I've been putting this all into practice using their Instagram Content Formula for the past few weeks and both my engagement + inquiries into my business have improved already! Part of the value also came from watching Wordfetti operate. Their brand values stood out, their culture stood out, their processes for helping other brands do this stood out + it made me want to continue to engage with them. This is the true power of strong brand values, great copy + following through on what you say you are. Thanks guys, I can't wait for more.”

- Zoe, Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of Zoe Morosini Nutrition


“I have been to workshops where each attendee (if they’re lucky) take away one or two gold nuggets of helpful information.

Wordfetti’s CopyWrite workshop was not like that.

In a room full of like-minded creatives from different industry backgrounds, I spent the morning excitedly filling my pockets with plenty of super valuable Wordfetti gold.

Thanks to Anita and her team, I am now ready to create disruptive copy that is true to my brand values and have come away with my head and heart bursting with ideas.

If you have been searching for that one unconventional workshop that helps you take a fresh look at the way your brand resonates and engages with your clients - then this is it!”

- Kath, Founder and Celebrant at Kath Tilly

“I recently attended the copyWRITE workshop with Wordfetti.

New branding for white+white called for fresh content and key messages.

The workshop couldn’t have come at a better time. Anita’s love for words is infectious. She gave me the tools and guidance to create thoughtful and effective copy. This workshop was a real game changer for me!”

Danielle, Founder and Director at white + white weddings

What we will dive into:

  • Why copywriting isn’t just words sounding good together;

  • The 3 things questions that your sales copy should always answer;

  • The difference between good and great copy;

  • A razor sharp understanding of WHAT your brand stands for, through the articulation of your brand values, together;

  • Not just WHO your target audience is, but why it’s important to segment your target audience into 3 further audiences;

  • Your elevator pitch (here’s to never being lost for words again upon the dreaded question: “so, what do you do?”);

  • The Pink Flamingo Effect - our never before published 5-step framework to how we bulletproof the message of brands we work with.

  • Content ideas to gear you for the next few months. And. So. Much. More.

What you’ll get:

  • Your brand message, pinpointed. No more “writer’s block”, no more waiting until it’s right”, you’ll be ready to hit the ground hot after this session;

  • 1:1 troubleshooting with us, in real life (the value of this itself is already worth your investment);

  • Clarity on your message, market positioning, guiding brand values (to advance your biz but also help with internal decision-making);

  • Help from the Wordfetti girls, without the full investment of engaging us on a project basis;

  • This event is catered and your ticket price includes all food, and takeaway materials on the day.

  • BONUS - Wordfetti’s Instagram Content Formula (RRP $65)

  • BONUS - Content Marketing Calendar Template (Exclusive to Workshop attendees only - RRP $89)

  • BONUS - Brand Messaging Workbook + Template (to help you articulate The Who, The What, The Why for your Brand)

We’re not going to be doing many of these a year and in the interests of being able to give as much tailored, one-on-one brain juice as possible -
we will have to restrict attendance and cap numbers at 20.

Don’t miss your seat - book now, secure your spot and bullet-proof your business.


Founder, Strategist and Head Wordsmith of Wordfetti

Anita is an ex-lawyer, ex 9-5er turned founder and Director of Wordfetti, a copywriting house specialising in crafting stand out brands through strategic thinking, understanding of consumer psychology and words. Armed with a social and organisational psychology degree under her belt, Wordfetti the brand approaches copywriting through a 3-step equation: art (creativity and originality) + science (understanding of consumer behaviour and psychology) + a brand’s unique sauce (articulation of a brand’s USP and point of difference)

Wordfetti clients include Australia’s CEO Challenge, Lack of Color, Luna Bronze, Place Real Estate, Lisa Messenger, Mia Freedman and former Olympian Libby Trickett.

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See you there!

Upcoming workshop dates:

  • 18 October 2019 (Brisbane) - 9:00am - 2:00pm at Newstead Studios, Brisbane

  • 22 November 2019 (Sydney) - 9:00am - 2:00pm (Location TBC for the Workshop in November. An email will be sent to all attendees with the location as soon as we lock and load - it will be near the Sydney CBD)


$309.00 + GST per person (note, price will go up for 2020)

copyWRITE - The Workshop (Brisbane - 18 October)
Time to copyWRITE
copyWRITE - The Workshop (Sydney - 22 November)
Time to copyWRITE

Please note: Prices above are exclusive of GST.