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Wordfetti's Instagram Content Formula (for Business)

Wordfetti's Instagram Content Formula (for Business)



Sure. Great imagery matters on Instagram.

But you cannot deny the fact that without great content or copy, an Instagram post is merely an attention grab.

Having seen, helped, and/or chatted to countless number of business owners (small, medium or large) in creating social media copy, - one thing became clear: they wanted something to help and solve “I-have-no-idea-what-to-even-write” on Instagram overwhelm.

So we got to work. To create something that we haven’t really EVER seen before. A formula that business owners can go-to and refer back to ANYTIME when they don’t know WHAT to write. By bye writer’s block.

Enter: Wordfetti’s 9-Grid Content Formula. A resource that has been over 10 months in the making.

Why is it called the 9-Grid Formula? Glad you asked. Because we dive into what you MUST cover as a business on Instagram in those first 9 tiles of your Instagram. (Hint: we cover 5 pillars you must cover in the 9 squares!)

Through our own research, learnings, and experimentation through on our own Instagram account as the Case Study, we have tested, refined, tested and refined again this produce a content formula that we believe holds the ability to help brands create Instagram copy that not only engages (it’s not just about engagement pals - more on this in the resource), but connects, builds brand loyalty, community and authority.

It’s a formula we have implemented successfully personally on our own account (with results of over 60% of our leads happening on Instagram), as well as for some of the big brand names in the game for their Instagram copy.

So if you don’t want to outsource your Instagram copy, and are looking for a long-term sustainable takeaway solution (read: put it in your e-pocket formula) that you can refer to, time and time again when planning your Instagram content so you never have to feel Instagram-Content-Mindblock again?

Then say hello to our never-before-shared, this Wordfetti’s 9-Grid Instagram Content Formula (for Business).

This resource is suitable for both product and service based brands

Ok. But what do I really get?

A 9-page jam-packed e-resource that dives into an Instagram content formula (covering a 5-pillar framework) that has been over 10 months in the making.

A walk through with practical examples of our never-before-shared content formula that we ourselves use at Wordfetti for our own account, as well as for our clients to organically build a genuine relationship with your Instagram audience.

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