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Service-based Business Email Templates

Service-based Business Email Templates


Ah yes. Emails. We have all been there.

You know the ones that take half a day to draft, you go over it and over it in your head, send it to your friends for their feedback on whether or not you should have phrased it this way, or that way, and then realise the day is gone and you’re still… no closer to sending it. 

Save yourself hours of mental overwhelm over what to say and focus on what you do best. 

Because we’ve put together email templates to make sending and replying to emails (even those hard emails!) pain-free, simple, yet professional for you. 

Yay for less white hair growth.

Ok. But what do I really get?

Instant access to 33 email templates ready for you to copy, paste, save and personalise for your own client experience. (So you can minimise the time spent twiddling your thumbs figuring out what to say back)


  • Basic enquiry response - To ensure that they are the right fit for you and your brand.

  • The Proposal and Consultation Follow Up - how to seal the deal.

  • You're too expensive - How to respond when they say you are too expensive while being respectful.

  • Our visions don't align - How to say it nicely.

  • Project timeline - Setting it out clearly from the get-go.

  • Out of office email - Letting your clients know you're about to head away on holiday, without making them think their project won't be looked after.

  • Out of normal office hours - How to let them know nicely you won't be able to talk, or work on the project during the out of office hours.

  • It's going to cost more than we planned - For when you need to update your initial quote.

  • No freebies - How to say "No, I can't help you for free" without it getting awkward.

  • Sorry, we can't do a rush job - Because good work takes time.

  • Stopping work because you have not paid - Letting them know you will be putting a holt on the tasks as they are yet to pay.

  • Out of scope - When they ask you to do more than your original project scope and you have to tame the scope creep.

  • The "checking in" - When they have gone M.I.A and you are still waiting for that response.

  • Breaking up with client - Letting them go, in a respectful yet professional way.

  • "Sorry, we made a mistake" - How to own a mistake without causing drama.

  • Constructive feedback request - How to ask for constructive feedback, because you want to make sure it's A+.

  • Price rise - Letting your clients know you're about to raise your prices.

  • Praise - How to ask for that killer testimonial


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