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Product-based Business Email Templates

Product-based Business Email Templates


Email marketing is hard. And it's only getting harder.

Yet, for those who are doing it well, it remains the number 1 way to land messaging cut- through, establish brand equity, connect and keep customers feeling cherished (...even if the emails are completely automated).

So few brands go to the efforts of adding brand experience to their emails, and that's sad. They wouldn't turn up in a customer's house out of brand character - so why turn up in their inbox out of it?

To help out, we have lovingly crafted 33 product- based email templates you can implement today that'll:

  • Make your emails go from meh, to wow,

  • Get your customers smiling, engaging and sharing, and

  • Streamline your email marketing, while making it more human and more fun than ever.

They're based on the tried and tested emails we've written for some of the biggest e-Commerce names in the game. Now? It’s yours.

YAY to not sounding like a robot.

Ok. But what do I really get?

Instant access to 33 email templates ready for you to copy, paste, save and personalise for your own client experience.

Including (but not limited to): 

  • Order Emails - a series of emails from “Order Confirmation, Order Shipped, Ordered Delivered, Refund processed, There is a delay to Oops we made a mistake!”

  • Lead Generation - whether it be “New Stock, Flash Sale, or Abandoned Cart emails” that will get them coming back.

  • Newsletter Sign-up - your audience wants to hear more from you. So let’s make those first impressions count by making those “Opt-In confirmations, Thank you for signing up and Who are we?” emails a bit more human, hey?

  • Nurturing Clients - from “It’s your Birthday to Hey, We’re just checking in” show that your relationship with your clients exists beyond a mere transaction.

  • Connections - We’ve got emails helping you pitch to stockists, reach out to Influencers (as well as let them know you don’t do Contra!) and connect with like-minded brands for collaborations, all in a non-boring and robotic way.

  • Brand Love - From “Testimonial Requests” to “Asking to Share Social Love” - let’s get you some brand equity, baby!


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