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Facebook Ad Copy Side-Kick

Facebook Ad Copy Side-Kick


Never be post for words when it comes to Facebook Ad Copy again.

Facebook Ad Copy is perhaps one of the most underrated ingredients to the Facebook Ad game.

You can have the best image. Get all your audience nailed. Heck even have the best social media gun running the campaign for you. But if your copy falls flat?

No interest. No action. And... as a result no conversions.

Because if you think about it, without words? Facebook Ads serve as simply an attention grab.

The world of Facebook has handed us all with a lot of power. The potential are limitless. And can be slightly addictive if done right. With it being still one of the most affordable avenues to reach your audience - it is a space you as a small business owner need to get comfortable in.

So if you know what you do, but you have no idea how to communicate it across to your audience in Ad Land, to get your audience to stop the scroll, pay attention to your Ad, and act?

Then say HELLO to your new go-to ultimate Facebook Ad Copy Sidekick.

A beast of a resource. It’s one we haven’t seen done before. One that will act as your guide next time you have to write a Fb Ad. And one we KNOW will be your go-to ultimate Facebook Ad Copy Sidekick.

You ready to have us be the Robin to your Batman?

Ok. But what do I really get?

A 42-page jam-packed e-resource that dives into each of the Facebook Ad Manager objectives, and the type of copy you should be writing to drive action. It will cover elements such as:

  • Three (3) questions your Facebook Ad Copy MUST answer.

  • Preliminary steps and elements to consider before you even WRITE your Ad Copy or OPEN Facebook Ads Manager.

  • A worksheet to help you dissect your target audience and ensure you write words that connect and resonate with them.

  • The purpose, the when to use, and the type of content you should write under EVERY Facebook Ad Objective available segmented based off Awareness, Consideration and Conversion (the same options as Facebook).

    • Includes copy prompts for Awareness, Reach, Traffic, App Install, Lead Generation, Consideration, Conversion, Catalogue Sales, Store Traffic

  • Copy template examples on what to write under each of these Ad Objective for Facebook.

  • The Seven (7) Facebook Ad Types - de-mystified so you are laser-clear on whether to for example, boost a post, aim for link clicks, or run a local awareness ad.

  • BONUS: 5 Sure-Fire Tips to write Killer Instagram Ad Copy.

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