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Strategy (noun.) -

A roadmap to achieve a desired outcome, result, and future.


In today's ever-crowded digital world, one constant remains: competition. To stand out and ensure your message is heard, the execution of your content must be strategised, consistent, unique and done so with precision.


Branding is not just about the graphics or how great your logo or website looks - it's about the feel of your business or organisation. What is it that you want people to think and say about your brand when you're not in the room? What do you want to be known for?

By taking into consideration your market landscape, your consumer journey, and your desired brand perception, we help you develop an end-to-end strategy to bring your brand's personality to life, through the powerful medium of words.

  • Brand positioning and verbal design

  • Brand storytelling, brand personality and tone of voice development

  • Business values, mission, vision and unique selling point (USP)

  • Content marketing strategy

  • 1:1 consulting

Content without strategy is a content marketing fail.
— Wordfetti (oh wait, that's us.)
Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

What do you want your brand to be know for? What makes your brand different to another in the same industry? Why… you? A lot of people see branding as visual. While it does contribute to it, if you take a moment to pause, a big chunk of what makes your brand is your verbal branding.

From your Brand Mission, Brand Guiding Values, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Target Audience Personas, Brand Personality to your Brand’s Tone of Voice, we will work collaboratively with you to craft your brand’s unique verbal identity, and bullet proof your brand’s core messages through our most sought after Brand Strategy (aka, your Brand DNA).

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Okay. So you know content marketing is king. But you have no idea where to even begin. What do you say? What do you post? How do you ensure you’re not just pushing out content for the sake of content? What counts as content?

Allow us to help you strategically craft a clear plan of attack so not only do you never have to ponder the answers for these questions again, but you’ll know the how and what to post, paving the path to your brand vision.