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Some of our favourite deliverables bundled and bottled up in to a champagne bottle... aka package. 

99 Problems, but blogging ain't one


$300 (incl GST) 

Monthly - minimum commitment three (3) months 

So you've read articles and blogs about blogging. You know it's key to your business's growth, for it not only sings (opera sings) to SEO/Google Gods, but it humanises your brand/business, helps you increase your leads, open the gates to conversation through those leads, and allows you to differentiate yourself while also of course, building your cred.

Blogs should never be written quickly without thought, just so it is another "tick" on your content schedule for the month.

Just like your web copy is a global CV to the world, the blogs on your website is your journal, opened for the whole world to see. It's a peek behind the curtains (and brains) of the brand, and it needs to add value. Lots of it. 


Two (2) x 400 - 600 word Blogs per month

Heading suggestions

SEO optimised content 

Comprehensive brand/business consultation

Gettin' social with it

Social Media Copy 

$220 (Instagram) | $350 (Facebook) (incl GST)

Monthly - minimum commitment three (3) months 

The world of social media requires constant attention. It's like a stage 10 clinger, that requires more and more attention as you and your business grows.

To cut through the noise that is social media, and ensure you are not simply "seen" but HEARD - your approach must excel and meet the needs of the individual platforms.

Yes. Facebook copy and Instagram copy are different. On the one hand, you have one where the copy is the hero, and on the other, you have one requiring succinct copy to complement its strong visual hero. So if you are finding that you spend 30 minutes + writing a caption for your Social Media channels... my sweet pea, you need to keep that time in your pocket and cash it out to do things that we both know you are here in this world to do.


Verbal and tone of voice construction

Development of a Social Media Brand Copy Profile 

Targeted at businesses who post more than 4 times per week

Comprehensive brand/business consultation


Want it all done?

Our 30 day brand and visual posting plan developed by our Branding Strategist (at January Made Designs) for an additional charge of $200.00 per month will include:


30 Day Plan using business imagery, found content, and new templates

Up to 10 custom reusable templates (Photoshop or Canva)

Brand Mood Board to make your IG look A+

Cohesive colour palette and consideration of visual cues

Font choices

Note - this does not include post scheduling. 

Viva la Vida Lawyered

Legal Copy

$750 (incl GST)

In addition to being admitted Lawyers, we here also have a PHD in fun*. 

So while we understand that the legal bits and pieces to setting up your business/brand is not supposed to be the highlight of your business journey (don't know why to be honest!?!), we want to ensure that we infuse as much fun as we can, make drafting up your legals something that you too can understand and be apart of.

We will hold your hand (in a non-creepy way), guide you, support you, and help you draft legals that are clear, and tailored to your business and its operations. See us as your Batman to your Robin or your Egg to your Bacon when it comes to drafting legal copy such as your terms and conditions. 

*this degree absolutely exists.


Tailored Terms and Conditions for your brand/business

Tailored Privacy Statement for your brand/business

Web Copy in a bottle

Web Copy

From $2,550

You are an established business/organisation that value and understand the need to invest time and resources in order to "get it right".

You get the importance of a well thought-out strategy when it comes to copywriting and you get that the digital world around us is ever-changing and that to stay ahead, you have to adapt with it (while ensuring that your brand’s vision stays in tact) and truly present content that not only speaks to the target, but resonates and "sticks" with them.

Your web copy is a massive dinosaur (outdated and prehistoric), and it needs to be "jazzed up", face-lifted and rejuvenated to ensure your core message is succinct, clear, understood by your consumers and stands out to making you the leader of the pack in your industry.


Full review and/or re-write of existing website copy or copywriting from scratch

Verbal and tone of voice construction

Development of a Brand Copy Profile Strategy 

Information Architecture (IA) construction

Comprehensive brand/business consultation

Timeline: 4-6 weeks

*if you do not have an existing website - please get in touch with us for a customised quote! 

Pour some copywriting on me

Copywriting (ongoing retainer) - 2 spaces left


Monthly - minimum commitment three (3) months 

You like what we do. And well, we like you too (red face & giggles).

So what do you say, we take this relationship to the next level and keep making magic together. We'd be a force to be reckoned with.

See us as your virtual strategic copywriter, word side-kick, wordsmith, word-wizard and business partner. As our retainer/ongoing client, you are a VVVVVIP. Very very very very very important person.

We would get to know you and your business so well that we'll be finishing your sentences. On everything. Whether it be for blog content, social media, ad-hoc copy assistance, or OMPFing of your own words - Hi. We're here. 

We only work with a very small handful of retainer clients at any given time. Because we want to give you our 150%. And if that means that we're shooting you an email at 2am in the morning because we just had a light bulb moment for an idea for your business, then we hope you're ready for it.


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