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Are you a Passenger or a Pilot in life?

My late Father was someone whom I had always looked up to. Who I still do, to this very day. Because of his perseverance, his grit, his passion, his determination for the things he did, and his will to always take control and responsibility for his path.

He is the underlying inspiration for Wordfetti, and for this reason, I wanted to share this personal story very dear to my heart, with you.


Life was not always a smooth sailing path for my Dad. He grew businesses from the ground up, lost it all, and did it all over again - four times.

It wasn't easy. And I know it would've taken a toll on him. But no matter what happened, no matter the number of times it all fell down, or the ideas were not right, rejected, or thrown off, or the times the doubters told him he couldn't do it - he kept going. Because he believed himself. Always.

Even to the very last moment. 

He told me once - you can either be a Pilot or a Passenger in life. You have the choice.

Are you going to define the way you are moving, or are you going to let other people dictate and make the biggest decision of where you are going and how you are feeling? Because being a Passenger is easy. It's comfortable. You sit back. Relax for a few hours. And although there might be some bumps along the way, you're okay cause you still get to your destination (while also be fed on the way - sound pretty good, right?).

However, being a Pilot takes strength, commitment, and dedication. And it is not a path of rainbows and unicorns. You may not get the hours of sleep. Things may go wrong, things may not go as planned. There will be sacrifices. There will be roadblocks, and there will be times when you have to deal with problems, face on while remaining calm and with a smile on your face.

While the former is easier. You are not in control. You're letting life and others control you.

I certainly know which one my Father was.

I lost my Dad 7 years ago quite suddenly. Shortly after I turned 20. But his legacy, his passion and his will to persevere and take full control and responsibility for his life, and the path it leads will always be alive in my heart.

I'll make you proud Dad. 

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