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3 Reasons Why You Should Include Numbers in Your Copy And How to Make Them Count (pun totally intended)

Ahhhhh, a copywriting word-wizard writing a blog about numbers? What’s the definition of irony again?

Allow us to explain...

Numbers, more specifically numerals (i.e. 1, 3, 26, 745), play a MASSIVE part in your writing’s success, and every word-slinger out there needs to know how to strategically sprinkle these little guys in copy to get supercharged results.

Now, if you hear the word ‘numeral’ and start having horrid flashbacks to high school algebra (or maybe that’s just me), don’t fret... The type of numbers I mean are the cool kind, the kind psychology tells us will improve your content and have your readers wanting more.

I pinky promise I won’t be covering the “how many oranges does Jimmy have left if Sally is traveling on a train going 117km/h” type of numbers. *shudders*

Why adding numerals in your writing matters

When used strategically (be it in your social media post, website, Hinge profile or latest blog), numerals trigger and mesmerise your readers’ brain in different ways, giving you some seriously persuasive superpowers.

And 10/10 people know superpowers of the persuasive-writing kind are the best kind, right?!

Here’s how to use those powers to your (and your readers’) advantage.

#1 – Give the brain a break and remove the fluff

It’s a fluff-free zone at Wordfetti, so let’s get straight to the science. Brains respond positively to organisation and categorisation. Numerals in your writing create those two things.

They help readers to skim, sort and grasp concepts with ease, making their life easier. This totally pops you on their ‘words-we-love’ list – which obviously is right where you want to be.

Numerals also add credibility, backing up the benefits you’re sprucing.

How to make it count:

+ Throw the rulebook out and write numbers ‘zero to nine’ in your creative copy as 0-9.

+ Use numbered lists to add order and create scannability (FYI - we’re making that a word now).

Readers can easily skim, as well as skip sections of content not relevant to them (we got you,


+ Rather than “you’ll save thousands each year”, make it specific and credible. “You’ll save $107

dollars each week – that’s $5564 yearly!”. Leave ambiguity at the door.

#2 – Make your points pop and your statements stand out

Seeking attention? Numerals have your back. In a line of letters, they have ‘high-prominence’, standing out against the alphabet crowd. Want to test it out?

There’s a 10/10 chance (that’s 100%) that if you were skimming, you’ve just stopped on this line due to our sneaky inclusion of numerals. #sorrynotsorry

...which is exactly how to use them when writing to grab attention.

How to make it count:

+ Use your attention-seeking numerals to show off your benefits. “We have 10,000+ happy

customers!” is going to grab more attention than “We have over ten thousand happy customers!”

#3 – Headings with numerals make readers take note

13 reasons you should be reading this blog right now

The 17 untapped secrets of persuasive copy

27 ways to increase your conversion (and have fun doing it)

Does this heading style look familiar? It should. It’s commonly used by writers who know their stuff.


Because there’s serious research proving headlines with numerals in them are engaged with and shared at significantly higher rates –73% more likely according to a study done by Conductor.

This is because humans like predictability. They see credibility in the number and can grasp a sense of how long it’ll take them to read the article. They can also identify the value they’ll get out of the article quickly.

How to make it count:

+ Think outside the square. Even if your content isn’t a ‘listicle’, get creative and add numerals. E.g. “Seeing Croatia in 7 days” will still cut through more with readers than “A week in Croatia”(and we’d totally have holiday #FOMO too).


So, there you have it fam, a deep-dive into numbers from a copywriting word-wizard. Here’s hoping

you enjoyed that WAAAAAY more than your year nine math class.

Until next time...

Anita Siek