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8 Fun "Out of Office" Messages you'll want to copy


You’ve counted down the clock, you’ve got your plane tickets to Bora Bora stowed away in your bag and you’ve got the Uber app open, ready to order your lift straight to the airport from work. It’s officially home time and you’re ready to Fred Flintstone “Yabba Dabba Doooooo” right outta there.

Until you ask yourself the dreaded question…

“Have you set up your out of office message?”

Here at Wordfetti, we all know that honesty is the best policy. But, when you’re choosing what ‘Out of Office’ message you are going to use when you’re off on your next adventure, be careful with any that might be too frank or transparent. You should be familiar enough with your audience to know that some out-of-office messages will be met with a smile, and not with worry.

For those who prefer to stand out and engage with people in an interactive and memorable way, here are 8 cheeky ‘Out of Office’ message examples that will inspire you to ditch the BORING and embrace a new way for people to remember you!


1. *A picture is worth 1000 words* Emoji holiday reference:



Thank you for your email. Unfortunately I have already left for my holiday. I’ve taken the liberty of creating an ‘Emoji Map’ for you - Can you guess where I’m jetsetting off to?

Please remember, your email is important to me and I will respond to it as soon as I am back.


2. The Liam Neeson ‘Out of Office’

Hello there!

If you are looking for <name>, I can tell you he/she’s not here at the present moment. She’s been taken on an overseas vacay/to an interstate conference and has limited access to her emails.

When we say ‘Taken’ we also don’t mean like ‘Taken’ taken...He/she won’t be away for long, so try not to go all Liam Neeson on us. We know you probably have a very particular set of skills; skills that you’ve acquired over a very long career. Skills that make you a nightmare for people like us.

But, if you just have some patience, <name>will return your email as soon as she/he can!

Have a lovely day!

3. The short & sweet, nice-guy email


Thanks for your email. Alas…. I am not here to receive it as I am currently <where are you> enjoying a <what>, <what>, and a <what>.

I will return on <date>, and will respond to you as soon as I’m back.

4. The “I bet you were blown away for a second there at my quick as a flash response to your email. Sadly, this isn’t the case… I am currently away on holiday/at a conference”


I bet you were pretty blown away for a second there, thinking I was just on the ball, responding like lightning to your email… but alas, this is not the case!

I am currently away <where> and will be back on the <date>.

I’d appreciate your patience as your email is important to me, and I will get back to you on my return.

Thank you!


5. Why not throw a classic ‘Shining’ reference in there?


All work and no play makes <name> a dull boy/girl.

So, to fix that, I’ve decided to take a quick break to catch up on the latest season of Suits and sip margaritas on a beach somewhere!

Don’t worry though - I’ll be back soon to respond to your email as soon as possible!  


6. The ‘Break up’ Out of Office

Oh, hey.

I’ve been meaning to email you back, but lately I’ve been feeling like we’ve grown apart. Please don’t worry - it’s not you, its me.

Ok, I actually don’t mean any of that, I’m really just out on a <where are you> right now, but I’ll be back soon!

While I’m away, <your proxy> will be handling my enquiries, you can reach him/her on <awesomesauceemail@xxxxxx.com>

Chat soon!

7. The adventurous trail to nowhere email.

Are you looking for <your name>?

He’s/She’s not here right now, but he’s/she’s left some pretty meticulous instructions on where you might find him/her.

  • Go to the nearest fuel station and take a right

  • Go 5 and a half kilometres south/east

  • Turn left at the next McDonalds - get yourself a cheeseburger while you’re there

  • Follow that road until you get tired

  • Pullover, take a nap

  • Keep driving

  • At the end of the road, you’re gonna see a guy in a yellow poncho,  his name is Hank

  • He’ll take you the rest of the way - don’t ask questions

Make sure you pack some snacks with you or <your name> won’t be happy.

Alternatively, he’ll/she’ll be returning to her desk on the ‘day’ of ‘month’ and will respond to your enquiry as soon as he/she can.

Thank you!


8. Everyone’s Favourite… Troy McClure!


Hi. I’m Actor Troy McClure.

You might remember me from such ‘Out of Office’ messages as Help! I’ve been kidnapped, this is not a joke! and That time I went camping and accidentally used Poison Oak instead of TP

I’m here to talk to you today about someone you know, <your name>.

He/She wanted me to tell you that he’s/she’s out of the office and will return on the ‘day’ of ‘month’. If the matter is urgent, please forward your query through to <email>

Be safe out there, and keep an eye out for my next ‘Out of Office’ message, It’s food poisoning - not a hangover, I swear!