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The real meaning behind being an Introvert vs Extrovert

Image Credit: littledrill

Image Credit: littledrill

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I have ALWAYS been intrigued in personality typology, and perhaps one of the most recognised concepts is that of Introversion and Extraversion, by Carl Jung. 

There is however, a lot of misconception about what people believe the two concepts mean.

Being an extrovert is not about being loud and being an introvert is not about being shy. Introversion and Extraversion is about where people get their energy and motivation from: other people or within themselves. 

According to Jung, people can be characterised as being either "primarily inward-oriented" or "primarily outward-oriented".

The introvert get their energy from being alone. So they are "primary inward-orientated". They are more comfortable with their inner world of thoughts and feelings. Shoving this into an example for better understanding... this is why introverts often feel completely content and energised by reading a book, being in deep thought as opposed to going out to a social event. 

Extroverts on the other hand get their energy from being with others. They prefer stimulating environments that give them frequent opportunities to see, interact, and speak with others. When they are in quiet environments, they’re prone to feeling bored or restless. 

Not one is better than the other. In fact, Jung argues that there is a rhythmic alteration of the two in all of us... but note that we do tend to favour one or the other attitude and do our day-to-day in terms of the favoured attitude. 

The overall idea though, is to be flexible and to adopt whichever attitude is more appropriate in a given situation and not develop a fixed, rigid way of responding to the world.

It is some fascinating stuff, and a better understanding of the two does really open your eyes to developing a better appreciation of how to communicate with others, whether it be in the work, home or the romantic department. You begin to understand where people are coming from, what helps them be at their best, and it then becomes easier to create the right environment for them to thrive. 

If you are yet to find out what kind of personality you are, I suggest you visit this site and take the 10-15 minute test. 

Now let's get to the fun bit.

I got Extraversion: ESFJ-T. Similar to my pals Bill Clinton, Taylor Swift and J.Lo.. What are you? Share yours with me BELOW!