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Boost engagement on your Instagram FOR FREE

Instagram is one of the easiest and cheapest way, for a business to gain exposure. It takes less than five (5) minutes for you and or a brand/business to set up and pop a picture onto the Insta-world.

Once live, boom, your photo is up and exposed to over 500 million users (and growing) world wide. 

Whilst an extremely simple platform to use, if you want to see authentic and real engagement, and gain a genuine and loyal following from your followers, double tapping on every picture you see on #picoftheday and #ootd and #instabest ain't going to do it justice. Sorry! Treat it as yo' babeh, because it is going to require some TLC and attention. 

But fear not! We've smooshed together a list of tips for you.

By following these simple tips, you will be on your way to boosting your Instagram, in little to no time. 

1. Engage with your followers, meaningfully

Get to know your followers. Beyond just a like, and an emoji comment. If you can, reply to the comments they leave you, meaningfully. 

For followers who see regularly engages with your Instagram posts, make a visit to theirs and get to know what their story is about! This isn't just about reciprocation, it is about understanding what type of audience your content attracts.

This includes engaging not only with your target market, but your competitors as well. Getting to know your competitors are important. It makes you really think about what you are doing (or can do) differently compared to them, but also, it provides a perfect platform for two businesses to learn and collaborate with each other!

2. Use the right Hashtags 

Instagram allows you to put a maximum of 30 hastags for a single post. So - choose your hashtags wisely, depending on who you want to target. For example, if your business is a local business (e.g. in Brisbane), we do not recommend that you use common hashtags such as #photooftheday #iphonesia #igers #like4like (contrary to popular belief).

Place yourself in the shoes of your audience. What would THEY be searching for, if they wanted a product/service like yours??

Would they be searching under the hashtags that you have chosen?

Further to the above, although hashtags such as the ones mentioned above are popular and widely used, it is important to remember that if you, your brand, or your business do use these hashtags, it is likely that it will get lost amongst the flood of other Insta-users using these hashtags. High traffic hashtags = Users will likely have to scroll through 247892 other posts under the same hashtag, before they get to yours. That is not what we want. Nope. 

3. Call-to-Action posts 

A call-to-action post tells your followers exactly what you want them to do, and is another excellent way for Instagram account users to engage with their audience. This can be done through the image itself, or done through the caption.

When you lay out clear instructions for your followers to follow, they are 2 x more likely to engage in your content. More engagement = more exposure = more followers.

Some examples of call-to-action posts include asking users to tag a pal (or a few), use a specific hashtag, provide feedback on something yours, provide an example of an experience, share a post, or in general, just ask how their day is going and what they plan to do on the weekend!

4. Good images

Instagram is undoubtedly a visual platform. Your audience/followers majority of the time, are going to be firstly, attracted/engaged by the image, before they even decide whether they will put in their time to go further and read the caption.

You therefore want to make sure you use good and captive images to catch their attention.

Of course, this also goes back to who you want to be attract.

5. Consistency  

To maintain genuine engagement and following, consistency is key, friends.  

This includes posting consistently, whether it be aiming to post at least once a day, (and sticking to it) as well as maintaining consistency in the look and feel of your brand/product/service.

Be true to your values, and the concept of your brand, and stick to what makes you different from your competitors and don't ever let anyone tell you to be anything different! #realtalk