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5 keys to master each day (cheers mum)

Image Credit: Little Drill 

Image Credit: Little Drill 

A page out of my mother bears' (It's pretty thick btw) advice book dedicated to me during my teenage years reads a little like this:

"You may have a college degree, or you may know all the right people in the industry, but there are simply lessons you cannot learn in the classroom, that are critical to your success."

I never really knew what she meant... Until just the last year, when I really took some time to think about, what really ignited that spark in me, and what was important to me. Ah. #suchsoulsearching

I present to you, the 5 things to master each day, from yours truly, to make you feel like an A+ entrepreneur, or employee: 

1. Focus on your strengths

Think of someone you really respect. Whether it be someone at your work, a celebrity, or some well-known achievers. These people prospered by deliberately focusing on their strengths. Not their weaknesses.

So what are your strengths? If you’re not sure what your strengths are, then ask the people around you. The goal is to master this strength of yours, produce outstanding results that make you stand out from the pack. Because when you keep doing what you are good at, your creativity will flourish. It will come so damn naturally to you. Make sure if you're in an employer environment, your immediate supervisor is made aware of your strengths too, and has your back to push you upwards. 

2. Accomplish something meaningful

Don't just aim for mediocre. Aim big. What do you have that others lack? If you're an entrepreneur, what can you create to help other people? There has never been a better time in the history of our economy where you can create whatever the hell you want. AirBNB, Uber, and Menulog are just some of the many businesses I can think of, on the top of my head, that have done exactly that. Taking a page out of making our lives the way we want. Whether it be convenience or saving the dollars.

The only person you should try and be better than, should be the person you were yesterday. Get clear on what you want to accomplish, and get down to the everyday basics. If you are an employee, do something that makes you feel accomplished each day. Exceed expectations, and over deliver. You should never have a day where you feel like "you haven't accomplished much". If that's the case, you should probably find a new job.

3. Quality > Quantity

Instead of trying to read 50 books business/self-help books a year. Master and implement two or three. Mastery is the highest form of accomplishment. Going back to pointer number 1, find your strengths and master the fundamentals needed in order to reach your goals. Now a days, there are so many distractions around us, and so many opportunities. The only way to become successful is to master the fundamentals and skills needed to reach your goals and dreams.

If you've read Timothy Ferriss' book "The Four Hour Work Week" (CHANGED MY LIFE FYI) you will know that the ability to "multi-task" is absolutely rubbish. 4 hours of work can definitely equal 36 hours, if you manage your time correctly. The amount of time you spend on a particular task or project means nothing if it is never finished, and you have no results to show and back you up. So next time you are doing something work-related, take a moment and ask yourself this question: "Am I being productive?" or "Am I pretending to look as though I am?"

The immature learner wants to get as much information as they can, as fast as they can. But - you will find them to be those who are broke, stressed, lost and lacking real progress. The mature mind carefully articulates what they study.  

4. Relationships

Naively, a lot of people believe long hours and hard work (not denying this! hard work is important, but should not be the sole factor) are key contributors to success. BUT. The ability to build and sustain good working relationships (or Workships, I like to call it) is just as critical. It not only fosters collaboration for moments of desperation, but it can also direct you towards the path you have always wanted, even if that is two or five years from now. 

It behooves all entrepreneurs and team members to recognise the positives and negatives of each type of relationship. It is important to develop the right kind of relationship and actively avoid like a plague, the ones that are not right for our careers. 

5. Understand that success should never be driven by money

Ah yes, believe it or not, being successful is not just all about having the dollar bills, and having so much money that you wear a new outfit to work each day. It goes a lot further than that. Ever heard of the quote: "Don't get so caught up making a living, that you forget to make a life?" Having read plenty of entrepreneurial articles and success stories of all inspirational goal-kickers to see what they all had in common, I have identified it being the one thing: Passion. 

Money should never be your one driving factor. Whilst some may argue that money "can buy" happiness, I put forward this to you: what is money and all the material things (that your extra money can buy) worth to you, when one day in the future, (touch wood), you're laying on your death bed. Would that fancy car, that extravagant dress or all those other material things matter to you? Or would you be regretting about all the chances, ideas, and experiences you let slip, because you were just too busy chasing the dollar bills. 

The people who have built their empires, built their "success" stories, by following their passion. Something they are not sick of doing, something that just simply does not feel like "work". Something that makes them feel enriched and fulfilled.

So bringing this all in, I ask, what's your calling!?

- A