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Our Process

Whether it be writing the words for your brand’s website, curating a video script, drafting corporate communications or helping your organisation put together a content strategy that “wow’s” the clients and is concise for your in-house team, our core process when it comes to copywriting doesn’t change and remains the same.

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FIRST: Discover & Plan

Time: 5 - 7 days 

From understanding your service/product to your getting to know your consumers, competitors and the market, we dive into understanding what you do, what makes you different, your goals, what success  looks like and where you see your brand going short-term and long-term.

That's right. We don't want to just help you achieve the goals you have now. We stretch it out and pave the path to help you achieve "THE dream".

We start off with a fun, yet serious, Brand Questionnaire that you'll fill out and do a verbal mind dump on. We will then use your notes to set the scene, as we minimise all distractions, go off, research and get our planning and thinking caps ON.

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SECOND: Strategise

Time: 5 - 7 days

We dive deeper and review your existing content (if applicable).

By pulling together your comments, our research of your market market, your consumers, and in consideration of our ultimate goal, we pinpoint your brand's "why"/purpose, your value proposition, customer avatar(s), create your verbal identity and map out your brand’s copy profile for your consideration. 

On your approval this will become the foundation brief referred to when we bring together your copy.

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THIRD: Create & Edit

Time: 2 - 3 weeks

Using the Brand Copy Profile for your brand as our guide, we begin writing some copy magic.

By getting into the brains and thoughts of your reader, we use their internal motivators and craft copy that stands out. We adapt to their language, their personality and perspective to not only get across your brand’s core message, but truly drive it home. 

During our project period we will be in close contact with you (cause we're partners right?!) so you know how we are tracking along. We'll get your feedback, and incorporate it into our shiny copy.


FOURTH: Elevate

BAM. You send you our finalised copy. You're happy, we're happy.

We have an e-hug and we will be lurking you on your socials because once you're a client of ours, we are pretty much friends for life.

Our work doesn't stop just because we've delivered on a project. So for those that want to take things up a notch, we explore  how we can ensure your copy is consistent across your different mediums.

From developing a Content Strategy that you can simply share with your team, VA/PA, or new starters, to getting our SEO-hats on by conducting a specialist SEO Report with keywords for your brand, to an on-going strategic relationship where we become an extension of your brand's brain when it comes to all things wordy.