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Legal Document Drafting + Documents

Legal Document Drafting + Documents


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Legal Writing

A form of technical writing that expressed legal analysis and legal rights and duties.

But wait. Aren't you copywriters?

Yep. You're right. Except we didn't exactly follow a traditional path to being copywriters, cause in our past life, some of us were also admitted lawyers.

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Because your hard work should be protected

Legal bits and pieces for your business is boring (and not meant to be exciting), but it is necessary. Whether you are a small business, or wanting to start a new business, or you are an existing business wanting to take care of the fine print the proper way... we are here to provide you with quality legal document drafting services that will not cost you an arm or a leg.

P.S. Our parents will also be glad that we're finally putting our expensive Law degrees and admitted Lawyer papers to good use.

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In addition to being admitted Lawyers, we here also have a PHD in fun*.

So while we understand that the legal bits and pieces to setting up your business/brand is not supposed to be the highlight of your business journey (don't know why to be honest!?!), we want to ensure that we infuse as much fun as we can, make drafting up your legals something that you too can understand and be apart of.

We will hold your hand (in a non-creepy way), guide you, support you, and help you draft legals that are clear, and tailored to your business and its operations. See us as your Batman to your Robin or your Egg to your Bacon when it comes to drafting legal copy such as your terms and conditions.

*this degree absolutely exists.


 What type of Legal Documents?

We help businesses and individuals draft a myriad of legal copy and documents, including (but not limited to):

Contractor Agreements
Privacy Statements
Refund and Exchange Policies
Service Agreements
Terms and Conditions

We do not provide legal advice

Our legal copywriters use their legal education (Bachelor of Laws LLB, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and admission into the Supreme Court of Queensland), experience and knowledge of the modern digital and corporate world when creating legal copy. Please note, we are not licensed practitioners, therefore, if you do require legal advice, we do recommend seeing a practicing solicitor.


The nitty gritty

At Wordfetti, we don't believe in charging you overpriced fees for the drafting your legal documents. We also don't charge for revisions unlike our competitors, because we want the process for you to be as seamless as possible. We are committed to being your strategic partner by ensuring we are brainstorming all the potential things that could possibly go wrong, so you are covered. We place ourselves in your shoes, and your profession and draft these documents as though they are for our own businesses. 

To see some commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.