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About Wordfetti

Erm. So what does Wordfetti even mean?

Words + Confetti = behold... Wordfetti. Yas. Surprise! We aren't just word wizards ... we also hold a PHD in FUN.

Ok. So what are you guys all about?

Founded in late 2016, Wordfetti offers a unique "one-stop-shop" for all things that are related to "words". Our founder, Anita, started Wordfetti because:

  • of the underrated importance of not just having the ability to curate clear and strategic copy, but coupling that with a genuine understanding and appreciation of a business's desired brand image, and their engagement objectives to ensure that content is written with a long-term outlook; 
  • she wanted to create a community of like-minded writers and thinkers. 

Wordfetti is not just a service. We strives to be your strategic partner and a community whereby businesses and brands can turn to when they need copy advice.

We're not from Brisbane though, that ok?

Oceans and cross borders are no boundaries for us. We are flexible with our meeting/consultation times, and can call your cell, and video conference through Zoom and Skype at our weird hours to suit your time clock. We are always up for jumping on (not off, we are not great with heights) planes and going on adventures.

So we could always meet too, that way. *Queue that music.... as we run towards each.. other... and...... chest pump.*

You guys are really cool. Are you hiring? 

We are always searching for experienced wordsmiths and professional proof-editors and readers to be part of the fam. If interested, please send our Director an email with your recent CV, a brief 1 page cover letter, and a GIF (yes, you heard us) to 

There is no price on your website. Can we at least have a ballpark figure? 

We get it. Sometimes you just want to know how much we are roughly talk about. So please see below as a guide: 

  • About Us - from $500.00 
  • Single page (scrolled) website - from $600.00 
  • EDM - from $250.00 
  • Small website (Home, About, Service OR Why me OR Product page [Product - up to 3 descriptions], Contact) - from $2,000.00 
  • Large website (+15 pages) - from $3,500.00 
  • Tagline - from $200.00 

Tell us something different

For registered charities, we do offer discount prices and dependent on the project, we will also consider doing work pro bono. 


About Copywriting

K. Cut to the chase. What makes you different from other copywriters?

We don't want to be known as your traditional copywriters.

We want to be known for our out of this world, internet breaking, disruptive, and thought-provoking copy. We probably take more time strategising and planning your copy, than actually writing it, ha!

But you know why? That's because we know how important it is to get it right.

Owing to our Founder's background in Psychology, we go beyond just putting words together, and making sentences sound good.  We consider how the words we use will make people feel, we get to know the psychology of your clients, understand why audiences react a particular way, and use our appreciation of the mental mind to creating copy that speaks to the end-user, and resonates with them. 

Wow. That sounds awesome. So - How much is this going to cost me? 

Owing to the different needs and wants of our clients, our pricing is not fixed (with the exception of our Packages).

So. Please send us a love note by clicking here!

Everything sounds A+. But I just got your quote. It's a lot higher than someone who I can just get through Upwork and Fiverr. Why this? 

We are not going to lie. Our work is not cheap. But this is your business we're talking about, do you really want cheap? People have consistently told us that the work we deliver is amazing (#muchpressure). And we are serious when we say we will only deliver a project to you when we are 150% confident it is what you want. 

If you're not happy, we're not happy. And... we don't like not happy. 

The copywriting solutions we provide are highly customised and are backed with strategy. Competition is all around us, and we want to make sure you stand out from the crowd. An investment into ensuring that your business's core messaging is clear and right from the get-go is therefore critical (and we say this even if you choose not to go with us).

We'd hate for your hard work to go down the drain simply because your target audience lost interest, got confused, didn't feel your passion or didn't understand your purpose and unique point of difference.

I've read blogs about the importance of blogging. Can you help? What type of Blogs do you write? 

Yep! We have written a myriad of topics through our experience, and these include everything from blogs about law, business, economics, travel, food and dining, design, and lifestyle. We are always ready to put our thinking caps on and write something new.

If you don't have a topic in mind, that's okay too. Let's sit down together (or e-sit down), get an understanding of what your business is about, and we'll come out with a strategy for you. 

You guys do copy for Instagram but what about the imagery?

We work very closely with our friends over at January Made Designs to bring together a "done-for-you" Instagram copy and image package that is tailored to your brand. Visually and verbally ;).

About Legal Copywriting

Do I really need a Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions serves as a contractual arrangement between the business or website and their customer or user.

While a business cannot contract out of consumer guarantees as outlined under the Australian Consumer Laws, where the goods or services provided to a consumer are not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption, a supplier may limit its liability. It is therefore important, that Terms and Conditions are drafted correctly and carefully to ensure your business is protected for its activities, and your customers are aware of how your processes work, and what they can except. 

Not having a customised Terms and Conditions for your business may not only place you at risk to legal consequences, but will blur the expectations for your consumers.

What about a Privacy Statement, do I need that thingy?

It is currently a legislative requirement that businesses whereby personal information (this includes email addresses, names and phone numbers for Subscription lists, credit card details for E-commerce businesses, and Location and IP addresses for data purposes) is collected has a Privacy Policy, which outlines certain particulars about how and when visitor’s information is collected.

Given the sensitivities surrounding the collection of personal data, this serves as a great way to communicate with your customers, providing transparency and reassurance about how you will deal with their personal information. 

BU-BU-BUT... Why can't I just copy and paste existing T&C's/Privacy Statements from a website? 

Although copying and pasting a T&C/Privacy Statement from a similar website is easy and free, you may be conveying certain promises or warranties to your Consumers, that you are not aware of, that you do not understand, or are incorrect/inconsistent with your actual business activities. It'd almost be like (if not worse) signing a contract, without even reading it. 

Eg. By copying and pasting a Privacy Statement from another website to yours, you may be making assurances to your Customers that do not accurately reflect how you deal with their information. Similarly, if you copy and paste Terms and Conditions from another website to yours, you run of the risk of not adequately protecting your operations. You might be missing a crucial aspect of your business processes, and this could leave consumers disappointed and can leave you open and vulnerable to legal consequences. 

Copying and pasting from templates (e.g. such as Shopify) may also put you at risk as certain clauses under the template may be out of date, or not permitted under Australian Consumer Law. 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission do do random checks on e-commerce websites and have issued penalties to non-compliant websites. 

Hmmm. Do you review existing Terms and Conditions/Privacy Statements?

Yah uh! You know it.

In fact, if you have had an existing policy in place for a number of years, it is recommended that it is reviewed and re-drafted to ensure it is consistent with your business activities, but more importantly, that it reflects new and updated Privacy legislations. We will work with you closely to ensure we have an in depth understanding of your business operations, and make all necessary amendments so that you are completely protected and up to date. 

Note though - We do not review Terms and Conditions/Privacy Statements which you have merely copied and pasted and changed with your business name. This will be charged as a new Terms and Conditions/Privacy Statement from scratch. That would be a bit cheeky, uh?

What are your qualifications so I know I have the right people covering my biz? 

Our copywriters all carry different qualifications. From marketing, to psychology, to literature, to teaching/education degrees. 

Our legal copywriters hold expensive pieces of paper(s) aka a Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B) and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at minimum. 

Is this a Legal Service?

Negative. Wordfetti's legal copywriters use their legal education (Bachelor of Laws LLB and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice), experience and knowledge of the modern digital and corporate world when creating legal copy. We are not licensed practitioners, therefore, if you do require legal advice, we do recommend seeing a practicing solicitor.


About Proof-editing/reading

Who are your "Proof-editors/Readers?" 

Our Proof-readers/editors have diverse backgrounds dependent on what material and what topic you need to be proof-read or edited. In addition to administrative proof-editing and reading, some of our Proof-readers and Editors also have specific experience in editing and proof-reading for legal, psychology, academic material. 

Some of them are Lawyers, Teachers, or Tutors at Universities in Australia.