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Wordfetti - About Us

Direct yet conceptual. Thought provoking and engaging. Words & content creation for brands, publications, and people.


Direct yet conceptual. Thought provoking and engaging. Words & content creation for brands, publications, and people.


About Wordfetti

We are Wordfetti.

We are a small group of creative thinkers, word and sentence construction lovers, and we are dedicated to all things related to words

At Wordfetti, we don't believe in traditional copywriting. We doubt the default and we believe in disruptive, thought provoking and engaging copywriting. We believe that the choice of words play a dominant part in how readers interpret a piece of writing, and that certain words in the English language have the ability to trigger certain ideologies and emotions in the reader. This is why before "we put pen to paper" - we strategise. 

Whether it be words on a website. Words on a brochure. Words to be typed. Words to persuade. Words targeted to potential consumers or words used to inform a particular group of audience - We are here to help you write and construct strategic content for your brand, business and/or yourself.

Because content without strategy is a content marketing fail.

We work with people, businesses, brands and organisations to:

  • Enhance consumer engagement;
  • Define, refine and edit content to meet personal or business objectives;
  • Curate a diversity of unique voices, identities, and perspectives targeted and aimed to speak and connect to their consumers;
  • Compose creative, meaningful and clear copy;
  • Develop and enhance their social media presence; 
  • Write well-constructed documents or content;  
  • Increase traffic to their business website; and 
  • Be your outsourced wordsmiths, and an extension of your brain so you can spend your free time doing other awesome things. 

 Behind Wordfetti

Anita Siek - Founder + Director, Strategist and Copywriter 

Anita followed an extremely nontraditional path to copy-writing. No she wasn't a journalist. And no she doesn't have 20 years in PR, or Marketing under her belt. In fact, she was a Lawyer (with a degree in Social and Organisational Psychology) who fell in big love with the medium of words and how the choices of them trigger different emotions and ideas in a reader. What began as a side-gig while juggling her Corporate role has today, turned into her full-time gig. What began as 0 clients. Crickets. Nothing. Has today rapidly turned into a waitlist of like-minded clients who as part of our community understand the importance of language when it comes to communicating value for their brand. 

To Anita, it's a pretty extraordinary feeling, to be able to call this "work" everyday. She loves it. Perhaps loves it almost as much as she loves her two Shihtzu dogs and Pasta (and that's a lot ok). 



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