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transcribe (verb.) - to make a written copy, especially a type-written copy of dictated material, or other spoken material. 

You have recorded minutes, or hours of audio from either a lecture, interview, conference, seminar, or meeting. You need this all to be converted into words, accurately on a piece of paper, in a short time.

We can help.


The nitty gritty

Our audio transcribers are real people with a wealth of audio transcription experience, whether it be transcriptions for legal, administrative, academic, or media purposes. No weird voice recognition computer typing program here! 

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable and accurate transcription service, that does not chew up your dollars. But rest assured, this does not mean that the quality and service you will receive is slashed.

Outsource this basic business administration task to us now, so you can spend more of you and/or your business's resources more effectively on other more important tasks.


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